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Wall Painting and Repair

Wall Painting and Repair

Since we began in 1989 we have successfully completed thousands of interior wall repair and painting jobs on both old and new buildings.

Our jobs have included; Apartments Condominiums Houses Offices Restaurants Stores Schools Churches Banks Factories Warehouses Should you simply wish to maintain the appearance, or change the colors, painting your house can work wonders for your home.

Paint provides beauty and elegance, as well as protection from the elements. By painting your home, you can add value and make a great first impression. Realtors call this ‘Curb appeal’ which is essential if you plan on selling your house.

Our interior painting and decorating services include painting houses, apartments and condos including; painting walls and ceilings, staining, trim painting, installation. repair and replacement, window painting, window repair, window replacement, window glazing and window installation, door painting, door repair, door replacement, door installation, screen door painting, screen door repair, screen door replacement, screen door installation, water damage repair, fire damage repair and Handyman Services.

We also offer a full range of exterior painting, carpentry and renovation services including bathroom remodelling and basement remodelling.

Wallpaper Installation
Exterior Painting, Exterior Carpentry and Exterior...

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